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Islander Project Roadmap

November 19th 2021 Update:

The Islander team has rolled-out the MVP (minimum viable product) and Islander’s Testnet event is right around the corner: 20th of November 2021. After that, the project will go live on Mainnet, and get ready to have the IDO this year (the exact date will soon be updated).

In the beginning of 2022, we will be able to see Islander running on other blockchain, from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Fantom, Tron, Polkadot.

In the long term, Islander will focus on an Island-Verse where every player, from crypto projects, influencers to individuals, can connect, exchange values and gain benefits in a gamified economy. Users can reclaim land, own and trade NFTs, build communities, and earn crypto rewards by playing and contributing to the development of the Island-Verse.

September 24th 2021 Update:

With the seed round closed, Islander’s development team is working hard to finalize the initial release this October. We are happy to share with you the roadmap ahead, and what you can expect from each release of Islander.


Phase 1

October 2021 — November 2021

In this phase, we will focus on the initial release with the following core features implemented:

Features for crypto projects:

  • Project owners are able to create targets/quests/bounties
  • Project owners are able to set rewards & distribution plan
  • Islander provides project owners with tracking tools
  • Islander provides project owners with Island Lord Leaderboard

Features for Influencers & community members:

  • Influencers are able to mint NFTs as affiliate links
  • Islander implements share-to-earn model for community members

Phase 2

December 2021 — January 2022

In this phase, we will focus on releasing features for content creators on Islander:

  • Islander implements text editor for content writers
  • Islander implements access restriction for written content
  • Content creators are able to mint NFTs as tickets
  • Islander implements The Island Market, allowing buying/selling of NFT-powered ticket to access exclusive written content at a fixed price
  • Islander allows buy-back & adding liquidity

Phase 3

February 2022 — July 2022

In this phase, we will focus on improving The Island Market’s functionalities and starting to adopt other platforms into The Islander World:

Improving The Island Market:

  • Islander adds crowdfunding to the market
  • Islander adds auction house to the market
  • Islander adds staking to the market

Platform Adoption:

  • Islander adopts Spiderum and its 100.000 users
  • Islander integrates its Island Market with Spiderum
  • Islander integrates Spiderum’s Content Network to its content network
  • Optimizing integration in preparation for future adoption

Phase 4

August 2022 Onwards

We will continue to expand based on users’ feedback, behaviour and experience on the platform.


Islander is a decentralized marketing platform connecting crypto projects, influencers, content creators and crypto enthusiasts. We utilize the innovative learn-to-earn & NFT-powered affiliate model to empower a new economy and build an Island-verse for web 3.0 content & marketing. Follow Islander on other platforms to never miss out updates from us:





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