Islander introduces Islander token (ISA), a versatile currency with multiple purposes: it can help other crypto projects easily find more supporters, it can help influencers increase their income, and it can also benefit crypto adopters and content creators financially, all thanks to Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Islander’s initial launch is near (end of October), and we want to take this opportunity to talk a bit more about ISA, how it is used, and how the supply will be at genesis. Please note that the ideas presented here are still work in progress and subject to change.


ISA will be mainly used on Islander, a decentralized affiliate marketing platform for crypto projects, influencers, and content creators, which means the token will be the fuel behind activities from Islander’s users. The primary function of ISA is payment on the platform but for each target user, the use case will be different. There are several use cases that we can share at the moment:

For crypto projects (Island Lords)

ISA can be used by Island Lords (project owners) to create bounties (quests) to attract more visitors (crypto enthusiasts) to their Islands. Though the fee of creating bounties will be in ISA, rewards of the created bounties are in your currency of choice. The procedure of creating a quest is visualized in the image below:

The number of quests an Island Lords can create for free in a month will be limited. We will have different packages (with different pricing models) to help you expand your quest inventory (more details will be shared in the future). Islander also provides different supporting services for crypto projects such as user reports/analytics as well as marketing services (banner, ranking, automation, etc.)

For Influencers (Boat Owners)

Boat owners play an important role in bringing more visitors to islands through their influence. It works similarly to affiliate links on affiliate e-commerce sites: influencers can create their customized links and incentivize people to use them to purchase tokens of a crypto project.

ISA is used to “mint” these links on Islander at a large volume. A couple of first links can be minted for free, but to maneuver, let’s say, an affiliate marketing campaign with a lot more different target audiences, you will need to purchase supporting packages to extend the volume. These packages not only help you increase the number of links you can mint, but also provide you with useful tools to manage your links better such as custom domain, custom short link, analytics ,etc.

Stake to level up

Islander encourages its users to stake ISA, thus increasing the longevity of the platform and the health of its economy. There will be several benefits of staking ISA also:

  • For crypto projects, staking helps unlock more features of Islander. Those features can be in the form of NFTs (random cosmetic items for your islands like a new boat, a new villa, a new garden, etc.) or they can also be discounts when purchasing platform services, or promotions from Islander (banner, forum and social media mentions).
  • For influencers, staking means you have access to higher rewards from our platform, the interests after a fixed amount of time staking ISA will be taken directly from the reservation pool of ISA.
  • For normal users (residents or quest takers), staking allows you to do more quests on a daily basis (the number of quests undertaken by a user is limited per day). It also helps you access higher quests with better rewards from Island Lords.

Burn Mechanic

We will implement a “burn” mechanic to the ISA. Basically, every transaction on Islander comes with a fee (in ISA). Part of this fee will be burned (which means these tokens will vaporize completely) to increase the scarcity of ISA by reducing the total supply. The other part will be used for maintaining, updating, and expanding the platform.


ISA will be distributed following the table below.

Token Allocation will follow the charts below

About Islander

Islander is an online learn-to-earn and a decentralized platform to manage and market your own projects in a unique way. Project owners (crypto project managers, influencers, content creators) can quickly engage their audience’s attention and nurture them in the long term by giving out interesting and interactive quests as well as tradable NFT items, which are either pre-made by the platform or customized by its users. Follow Islander on other platforms to never miss out updates from us:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Islander_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/islander.global/
Telegram: https://t.me/islander_official
Discord: https://discord.gg/vveQQ69NNt
Medium: https://islander-io.medium.com/




An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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