We utilize the innovative learn-to-earn & NFT-powered affiliate model to empower a new economy and build an Island-verse for web 3.0 content & marketing. This article is to help you understand in more detail what Islander brings to the market, and how you can utilize its functionalities to elevate your marketing efforts.

For Crypto Projects and Enterprises

Island Lord, Boat Owner, Island Residents Model

Traditionally, crypto projects attract their supporters through digital marketing activities such as SEO, SEM, and advertising. Crypto enthusiasts then get more involved by reading whitepapers, participating in Q&A sessions, getting cross references from peers and other sources, etc. Once feeling informed enough, they will invest in the project by buying the project’s tokens.

One of the most used methods is to use influencers within the crypto community. Influencers introduce the project to their own followers, thus attracting more investors to the project, and in return, they receive a commission with the project’s tokens.

This whole process of getting users on board, getting them to understand the project, waiting for their feedback, and letting them take the first action is often long and cumbersome. Islander found a way to make it easier for all parties involved with the use of gamification.

In Islander’s own words, the crypto world can be seen as thousands and thousands of separated islands, with each island representing a standalone crypto project and the project owners taking on the role of “Island Lords”.

Whether a crypto project is successful or not depends on how many supporters it can get and how frequently its product and token are used. In Islander, we call these crypto adopters “Residents”. Sometimes the residents will find their own way to get to the island, sometimes they will need a boat. And the Boat Owner here represents an influencer in the real world.

How it works

To help their islands thrive, Island Lords will create Bounties to attract visitors. Bounties are different activities that are tied to the crypto project. Let’s take an example:

X is a wargame on blockchain that wants to build its community on Islander. In this case, X will be an Island Lord. X then creates a set of bounties with rewards in their token. A bounty (quest) can work as one or some of the following activities:

  • Connect wallet in X
  • Write an in-depth guide for a race
  • Share that guide to your social media profile
  • Complete a quiz to understand about the world of X
  • Add liquidity or trade X’s tokens.

Once the bounty is completed by a user on Islander, he will get rewarded with X’s tokens. Influencers, on the other hand, will be rewarded with tokens in a different way. Their reward will be proportional to the amount of residents they are able to bring to the island.

Islander helps crypto projects utilize their marketing efforts in an innovative way, through permission-less affiliate marketing powered by Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Create and manage your assets

Project Owners can create unique bounties or use bounty templates provided by Islander.

For independent content creators

Merchants in Islander World

Islander is not meant exclusively for crypto projects, its model can also be applied to content publishing. We call content creators “Merchants” in Islander, and instead of giving out “bounties”, they can use cryptocurrencies (including ISA) to create NFT tickets in the form of different items (clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc.). Users are then able to buy these items to get access to exclusive content created by Merchants.

How it works

Tony is a young novelist who is struggling to find his first publisher. He wants to create a blog so he can upload several chapters of his book and let visitors read for free. Later, he plans to start charging real money for new chapters.

This old way of publishing your content needs a lot of time to have results. Even with modern blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Wix, or Wordpress, creating a site and monetizing it can still take years to do.

Islander will make it more fun and more interactive for followers to support their content creators. In Tony’s case, he can put his novel chapters behind a paywall, then allow readers to unlock those chapters using items created by him. Here, your own imagination is the limit. Islander will provide a toolkit for content creators to easily create, track, and manage their content as well as their created items.

Furthermore, this allows users to trade with each other within Islander across multiple different projects, from crypto project owners to influencers and content creators. With the power of a decentralized market, Islander will be able to develop wish-list and auction features in the future.

Ranking that matters

Almost all games have a leaderboard, and Islander is no exception. With the help of transparent crypto transactions, the Islander Leaderboard will offer fair competition for everyone.

Islander will have different leaderboards for different parts of the platform. In our initial release, they are:

  • Island Lord Leaderboard: For Islands (crypto projects) that have the most residents
  • Boat Owner Leaderboard: For Boat Owners (influencers) who bring the most residents to different Islands
  • Resident Leaderboard: For residents who complete the most quests on Islander

There will be monthly, quarterly, and yearly leaderboards with different rewards introduced and developed further in the future.

The Islander World

There are three big components of the Islander World. They are:

The Islander:

  • Community Building & Affiliate Marketing platform for crypto projects & enterprises
  • Content platform for content creators & influencers

The Island Market:

  • Marketplace for buying/selling tickets to access exclusive digital content
  • Crowdfunding platform connecting individual creators and backers

The Island Lounge:

  • Space for organizing events
  • Open area to connect people from different parts of the Islander World

These three components will complement each other to keep the Islander World active. With constant activities generated by users and seamless, transparent transactions happening all the time, we expect a very high number of concurrent users around the clock.

In the future, we will expand the Islander World into a universe called The Island-verse. This is to push the idea of using NFTs in Affiliate Marketing further, making it available to other areas such as art and music, sport and sport betting, video games, etc. We also want influencers and content creators on other platforms to have means to spread their works easier.

Follow us to know more about Islander

We are working hard to release Islander in October. Detailed roadmap will be released very soon. Meanwhile, you can follow us on other platforms to never miss out updates from us:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Islander_io

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/islander.global/

Telegram: https://t.me/islander_official

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