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The crypto economies have undoubtedly created a revolutionary way for organizations and individuals to maximize their audience engagement capabilities. The blockchain technology enables different types of “labor-to-earn” models, or said Stephen McKeon, Professor at University of Oregon, “They blend how we play, learn, organize, socialize, and create, with ownership and income generation”.

Nowadays people do not only play games for fun but also consider this pastime activity an investment opportunity, resulting in the play-to-earn model. An example of this hybrid model is the courses section on Coinmarketcap (a price tracking website for crypto assets and projects), where you can learn and gain some airdrop tokens at the same time.

From our experience in the marketing & content landscape, blockchain and its applications can also widen the chances for getting customers onboard, raising brand awareness in an intuitive, attractive way thus allowing end users to engage more with the company by having a sense of “ownership” themselves. That is why we have come up with the idea of a share-to-earn model which we believe would pave the way for a whole new marketing world.

The Islander’s Share To Earn Model

Crypto projects often find it difficult to spread the news about their updates and attract more community members, as their marketing effort is hardly tracked and measured. How to attract the real supporters, not scammers and bounty hunters, is a real challenge.

From a follower’s perspective, it often takes time and effort to find your ideal project. Even if you are following different projects, keeping yourself updated with upcoming giveaway campaigns, or just trying to track all of them from different platforms is not an easy task.

Islander solves this problem for both parties with an innovative affiliate marketing platform which empowers active & supportive communities of crypto projects, content creators, KOLs, and individuals. On our platform, people can partake in different types of quests created by project owners, and get rewarded instantly. KOLs who help drive more enthusiasts to projects via affiliate links also serve as the “brand ambassadors” and are commissioned handsomely by projects. In the near future, we will also provide dashboards & data analysis functionality so every statistic regarding demographics, interests, and behaviors of your target audience will only be just one click away.

In brief, Islander’s toolkit enables crypto projects, influencers, and content creators to communicate their marketing efforts in a fun and interactive way. Everyone can benefit from the Share and Earn model.

Benefits for supporters/followers

  • Free to join, earn different tokens by completing quests, eg. like/share a social posts
  • Automatically get rewards based on triggers
  • Can follow/support and earn from multiple projects at once
  • Secured, fast, low-fee transactions
  • Use Islander platform to find more interesting projects, influencers, and content creators

Benefits for crypto project owners and content creators

  • Use your tokens of choice
  • Create and manage quests to naturally gamify your marketing efforts
  • Highly customizable toolkit to create and manage your own space on Islander
  • Beautiful presentation of project progression
  • Transparent transactions, robust report systems
  • No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellation
  • Minimal blockchain transaction fee
  • Full development support for APIs and SDKs

Benefits for influencers

  • No need to directly communicate with project owners
  • Get rewards instantly based on affiliate tracked links
  • Use tokens earned to mint more links and increase your opportunities

About Islander

Islander is an online learn-to-earn and a decentralized platform to manage and market your own projects in a unique way. Project owners (crypto project managers, influencers, content creators) can quickly engage their audience’s attention and nurture them in the long term by giving out interesting and interactive quests as well as tradable NFT items, which are either pre-made by the platform or customized by its users. Follow Islander on other platforms to never miss out updates from us:





An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn