Partial Reward Feature — What you need to know?

We’ve been working very hard since the beginning to achieve an overarching goal: to build a decentralized platform that facilitates knowledge transfer and accelerating mass crypto adoption. To position Islander as a bridge to connect all parties in this crypto market, including crypto projects and enthusiasts, we promote the learn-to-earn mechanism and growth hacking tools to make Blockchain and Crypto adoption easier. In a nutshell, supporters can earn rewards by completing project tasks. It could be some of the easy tasks which are: “Following Twitter”, “Like tweet”, “Retweet”, “Follow Telegram”, “Follow Medium” or “Join Discord Channel”. Supporters may also be required to do some research on projects in order to complete the questionnaires. Not only that, there are also tasks that require participants to hold a certain amount of tokens to complete the task.

We’re not satisfied with that, so we’re working on new features to help projects and their supporters connect in new ways. We also noticed that in terms of doing quests on Islander, in some cases, users struggle with some difficult aforementioned tasks such as holding tokens or contract interaction. Sometimes that leads to no reward as users lose motivation to continue completing the quest. We came up with a solution and today we are officially launching our newest feature: Partial Reward Feature. With this feature, you are no longer have to wait until you complete all the required tasks to earn the reward. Instead, users from now on can earn one-time reward based on the number of tasks you’ve completed if you decide not to do all the tasks required on a quest. We believe that is the reason why this feature does matter and will make a big difference.

An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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