We have been working so hard over the last six months towards one and only one goal: Creating a decentralized platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between projects and skilled communities. Our mission and vision are crystal clear: Building bridges connecting projects and people and the crypto ecosystems they are a part of. During the whole time, we have been working so hard to constantly optimize our product and art by going through many trial-error attempts. Besides, with our community-driven mindset, we have always been listening to all of your feedback to make things better. And now, we are here, officially launching the MAINNET. To celebrate the BIGGEST EVENT EVER, we will launch two campaigns to express our gratitude to our beloved supporters.

Islander Mainnet Launch

Time: from 24th Jan 2022 to 31st Jan 2022

Total Airdrop: $50,000 equivalent to 16,666,666 ISA

Which will be distributed in 2 quests:
- “Be an Islander!” Quest Reward: $30,000 equivalent to 10,000,000 ISA
- “Grand Admirals” Quest Reward: $20,000 equivalent to 6,666,666 ISA

You might wonder why there are two campaigns. "Be an Islander!" is open for everyone to experience. And by launching "Grand Admirals'' (an exclusive campaign), we simply want to give special thanks to our die-hard fans. Those are two separate campaigns, and you can totally participate in both if you want.

To know more about “Be an Islander!” campaign, read more:

To know more about “Grand Admirals” campaign, read more:

And, don’t forget to create your account:

Similar to Islander Testnet, participants must complete quests to earn rewards. This time you can claim the reward right after the Quest’s completion. Read more:

To manage your fees and maximize your reward, click here:

Unlike the Testnet Launch, on the Mainnet Launch, Islander will enable the KYC procedure, which will be required to join in our airdrop campaigns. Read more:

In case many more people participate in our campaigns, the reward pool will be distributed soon. And if you somehow happen to be the unlucky one who misses the chance to join our campaigns, don’t be disheartened. After Islander Mainnet Launch, other prominent projects such as Avalaunch, Kalao, Colony, Maximizer… will follow suit, launching their own campaigns.

Keep following us; we have plenty more campaigns in the future for you guys to “learn” and “earn”. Cheers!




An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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