Islander Testnet: Solutions for common problems you have during the Testnet

This article is a detailed instruction which might guide you through some common problem if you are not familiar with a Testnet. Our apology if these problems caused you inconvinient

1. “I don’t receive the verification email”

We have fixed the problem at 16pm UTC yesterday. It came from our email clients but now you can signup with no problem.

Sometimes our verification email could land on spam box, so please take time to check the spam box too.

2. “I could not add my Metamask Wallet”

There are a huge number of supporters having problems with adding their wallets to our Testnet. It was our fault for not making this clear enough.

Instead of using your AVAX as gas fees, you can get it for free. This time, we will try to demonstrate it step by step with videos.

Step 1: Have a Metamask wallet

You can setup your Metamask wallet here:

Step 2: Have the Metamask extension installed to your browser

Step 3: Add the Fuji Chain setting to your Metamask:

Follow this instruction:

Then fill this into your Metamask settings:

Step 4: Get your gas fees for free with Fuji Faucet

Go to and get your 10 AVAX for the Testnet

3. “I can’t see my ISA balance” + “How can I screenshot my ISA balance in my wallet?”

After finishing the quiz, you need to:

Step 1: Import ISA token to your Metamask

ISA contract: 0x15785d24a8b4cd3d5c688d2641273635a39294de

Take that screenshot like this, or any way you want because we are not strict on this.

4. “How do I withdraw ISA?” + “Why is it only 2 ISA?”

The 2 ISA you received are just for the testing purposes, to show how Islander work, and cannot be withdrawn, sell or transfer.

The official airdrop you receive will be much more!!!

Please note that we will have a leaderboard for participants and the MORE quests you complete, the MORE $ISA you get:

Islander Battlecruiser Tier (Top 1%): $5000 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Battleship Tier (>1% to 3%): $4000 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Ironclad Tier (>3% to <5%): $3000 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Frigate Tier (>5% to <15%): $2000 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Caravel Tier (>15% to 35%): $2000 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Quadrieme Tier(>35% to 90%): $3500 worth of ISA Prizepool

Islander Galley Tier (>90%): $500 worth of ISA Prizepool

And it will definitely be more than 2 ISA.




An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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