Islander Mainnet: no KYC no Party

  • Verifying customer identity;
  • Preventing cheating activities, bots, spam, and illegal activities such as money laundering, etc.
  • Assuring maximum security on Islander transactions and activities.
  • Helping customers with relatable content and opportunities

How does the KYC procedure benefit you?

We all have witnessed the current situation of hackers, cheaters, bots, and spammers roaming freely across the market. This time Islander stood up against those fraud activities by enabling a KYC feature that helps you:

  • Participate in fair reward distribution: no more bots and cheaters with multiple accounts that push you to the end of the line.
  • Once and for all: You only need to pass the KYC procedure once to earn on Islander forever! (rewards, airdrops, and many more)
  • Use Islander with the best User Experience: with KYC, Islander is protected from huge requests from spammy activities.

Complete the KYC earlier here to be the first to collect our reward

With bigger rewards, the competition will be fierce, as many members would rush for our quests at the same time! Under such a circumstance, you will face the possible risk of losing your reward despite completing all our quests due to KYC failure (or even worse, due to passing KYC but not ON TIME before the quest balance runs out).



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