Islander Mainnet: How to do quests

3 min readJan 23, 2022


Similar to Islander Testnet, participants must complete quests to earn rewards. This time you can claim the reward right after the Quest's completion.

Step 1: Taking the Quest

Step 2: Quest detail

The quest timer will show how much time is left until the Quest closes. You will also find the total quest balance and the reward distribution per participant and influencer (everyone can use the referral feature and be an influencer!)

Overall, the Quest might contain several Tasks. To get the Quest reward, you need to complete all the Tasks.

Step 3: Social Tasks

For a social task like "Follow Twitter", you will need to:

  • Visit the Project Twitter and follow them
  • Connect your Twitter to verify that you have followed the Project account
  • After Clicking on the "Verify" button, the status will change to "Verified" to confirm your completion of the task:
  • It’s time to take our sweet sweet reward!

Step 4: Taking Questionnaires:

Questionaire is the task where you need to pass with a score high than the Project requirement to get the completion status. In this example, we will have 4 questions to answer.

  • Click “Take” to start the questionnaire
  • Similar to a University Quiz, you can choose your answer for each question and submit them after you finish the quiz
  • There will be a message box to let you know whether you have failed or passed the quiz. It’s okay to retake the quiz if you fail because the reward will be 100% no matter how many times you take it
  • It’s time to take our sweet sweet reward!

Step 5: Token Holding

For token holding tasks, You are required to hold a certain amount of 1 specified token/coin to be able to complete the mission.

Step 6: Earn more with Referral Links

Referral link minting is the most advanced feature in this Islander Mainnet Launch. With this function, you can mint your own NFT link and use it as a bridge to bring others to Islander. You can also “earn” more when someone uses your link to complete quests on Islander.




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