Islander Mainnet: “Grand Admirals” Token Holding tutorial

Maybe this task sounds quite new to many people, and you probably find it complicated to complete it. But it is not that complicated. Through this tutorial, we will make it really easy for you. Please read carefully, and you can prepare now to join our campaign quickly as soon as it starts.

Step 1: Connect wallet on TraderJoe

At this step, you access and connect your wallet. Please note that it must be the MetaMask wallet. Because this wallet is the one you will use to connect to Islander’s website. At this time, Islander only supports MetaMask wallet, and you are allowed to use only one wallet during the whole process.

Step 2: Add ISA/AVAX liquidity

Then, you access to add liquidity pool for the pair ISA-AVAX and get Joe LP token in return. And don’t forget to keep some AVAX to use as gas fees.

Step 3: Connect wallet on Islander

After that, you access and connect your MetaMask wallet to our site. It’s obviously the wallet you used at the beginning of the process.

Step 4: Take token holding quest

And now, after holding enough 300 Joe LP Tokens, you can immediately participate in the token holding quest.




An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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