Islander Mainnet: Fees structure (to help you maximize your reward)

What are the fees, and how can I get the best Return on Investment?

  • Token Holding tasks: This is NOT a fee, but consider it an investment. When you do the task, you will need to have some of the required currency.
  • Nominal Fee: To achieve sustainable product and ISA demands in the crypto market, we will charge ISA for activities on Islander. The fee is 10 ISA for the introducing purpose (only in this campaign).
  • Gas fees: This is mandatory for every transaction in the Crypto world. We cannot control it, and you will need gas fees for claiming rewards, Minting Affiliate Links (read more), and claiming your influencer rewards.
  • If you don’t refer anyone to complete the quest:
  • If you invite 5 people to complete the quests:
  • If you invite 10 people to complete the quests:



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