Islander Headstart Program: Learn-to-earn before projects’ Token Generation Events (TGE)

For the last 3 months, we have served high-profile projects like Avalaunch, Trader Joe, and newcomers like Dexalot, Degis to nurture their communities (the ICE program) as well as educate their investors by the Learn-to-earn and Cost per Action mechanism.

For retail investors, it has always been too late, too complicated, or too difficult to get these projects’ tokens at IDO price, while or Viralsweep failed miserably to distribute token rewards and help supporters learn about the projects.

With our connections in the industry and our Islander platform advancements, we come up with a solution for the best of both worlds:

New projects can create initial growth campaigns while helping supporters get their tokens at IDO price — through the Islander Headstart Program

Islander Headstart Program is designed to support high potential projects to create Learn-to-earn quests, with the use of dummy tokens — which later can be swapped for the official token.

Dummy token (n): A Token without the trading ability (you can’t trade it), but to swap for the official token (after the project generate their official one)

What makes it superior

  1. Projects who qualified for Islander Headstart Program are chosen by the Islander, based on projects’ potential growth and insights.
  2. The quest budget is calculated according to their IDO prices
  3. Projects have to commit a minimum of 15,000 USDT worth of tokens — with the recommendation of 20,000 USDT worth of tokens for their Headstart quest
  4. Islander Headstart Program helps investors take part in initial growth campaigns, while projects can take advantage of Islander anti-cheat and automatic reward distribution mechanism.
  5. Investors claim the official tokens on Islander

The first project in the Islander Headstart Program: Pepo Paradise

Inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Neopets & Super Smash Bros., PEPO Paradise is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” mechanic in a Sandbox environment on Avalanche. Anyone can breed and own cute pets(PEPOs) that live on the blockchain. These pets drop Tokens and various kinds of NFT rewards occasionally for the owners to earn and trade on the platform marketplace.

NFT holders now have the opportunity to validate and display their assets in the game. This seamless integration allows the NFT owner to connect their wallet to PEPO Paradise and then select which NFT they’d like to deploy on their virtual island as PEPO.

With their cross-chain technology, NFT IP partners from different chains will be able to integrate with PEPO paradise and register their NFT to become one of the PEPOs, with a standardized format, which can then be deployed to partner Metaverses.

PEPOs are standardized interactive virtual pets built with the latest blockchain technologies. Any NFT brand can be one of the PEPOs, including NFTs on chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. Their technology allows Pepo to perform cross-chained NFT ownership verification. All PEPOs are NFTs under the ERC-721 standard, so players have actual ownership over them. Each PEPO has unique genetic codes on its attributes, which affects its performance in future minigames, events, and rewards.

Pepo will claim an island and publish their quests on the 5th of April. Stay tuned!



An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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