Islander Grand Admirals Lounge has launched: What you need to know and how to join it.

What is Grand Admirals Lounge, and what’s the catch:

  • GRAND ADMIRALS will be the first to be notified of any upcoming events
  • GRAND ADMIRALS will get insights about Islander and Islander partners
  • GRAND ADMIRALS will get dedicated support from Islander team members: CEO, CMO, Product Marketing Leader, and Community Managers.

How to join the Grand Admirals Lounge:

  1. Our Community Managers and Marketing team will directly invite you:
    We will observe the community to send the most active members, who contributed the most to help others, a private invitation to the lounge.
  2. You can submit your request to join:
    You can request to join our Grand Admirals Lounge by this form:

When will the invitation come?



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