Islander is an upcoming online-learn-to-earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform that:

  • Revolutionizes affiliate marketing through NFT-powered solutions
  • KYC and analytics tool for Crypto Project
  • Raised 1,435,000 USDT on Seed and Private Sales
  • IDO and Listing coming on 2022

Islander introduces Islander token (ISA), a versatile currency with multiple purposes: it can help other crypto projects easily find more supporters, it can help influencers increase their income, and it can also benefit crypto adopters and content creators financially, all thanks to Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Islander also provides easy-to-use and intuitive tools for implementing and managing users’ own projects. The platform will also offer full support for developers, with powerful open-source software development kits (SDKs) including wallets, plugins, customizable quests, management apps and a payment gateway platform.


“Questing” on the blockchain

Islander is a decentralized platform to manage and market your own projects in a unique way. Project owners (crypto project managers, influencers, content creators) can quickly engage their audience’s attention and nurture them in the long term by giving out interesting and interactive quests to earn tokens/NFTs, which, as a result, will help projects promote their own currencies in the Islander community.

Easy to use currency

ISA is a crypto currency with the sole purpose of facilitating content & community marketing. Users can use ISA to buy different other NFT tokens with multiple purposes such as buying access to exclusive content from a writer or buying exclusive perks offered by the platform; or stake ISA to tier up with higher benefit packages for learn-to-earn activities.

A new approach to ownership & value

Supporters will play an important role in the success of a project and at the same time, they grow their digital wallet with real value as the project grows.

Fight back against Fraud and Centralized Affiliate Marketing

Islander-minted tokens will make transactions permissionless and secure with minimal transaction fees. With the decentralized model of affiliate marketing, everyone can support and earn rewards for their contributions to the overall growth of their trusted projects.

Partner with high-value crypto projects

Islander’s decentralized affiliate marketing is welcomed by other crypto projects thanks to its engaging platform. Project owners will now have a powerful marketing tool in hand to approach and nurture their supporters.

A market of high-quality content

Using Islander will promote a culture of sharing, collaboration, and a sense of community by giving supporters/followers more control over their backed projects. Those who feel empowered will keep coming back, thus increasing revenue and engagement for content creators.

High adaptability

Islander is unique because the project itself can be used to promote other cryptocurrencies. It gives users a powerful platform to monetize their own content. With its open-source policy and full development support, developers can seamlessly integrate Islander into their platforms.

Challenges of trading in virtual goods online

Payment Fraud

Traditional online purchasing, especially of virtual goods, often falls victim to different cyber attacks, such as Sybil attacks via proxy servers, in-app purchase brokers, or fake/stolen credit cards. Virtual currencies or assets are also susceptible to manipulation or chargebacks. Overall, the traditional buyer-seller relationship is more fragile in a virtual environment.

No sense of ownership

Very often, followers and supporters of a project do not really feel the value of their contributions to the project. Even with crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, backers can still easily lose their money if the project doesn’t perform.

Centralized Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketers have to rely on platforms to earn their money and when they do, high transaction fees and middle-man fees sometimes outweigh the revenues.

Lack of gamification

Gamification features are not present in content management systems or content publishing platforms. Users do not feel rewarded either for participating or for following their favorite content creators.

Islander’s Solutions

Islander’s toolkit enables crypto projects, influencers, and content creators to communicate their marketing efforts in a fun and interactive way. Monetization will be robust and immediate. Users will benefit greatly just by participating in different activities.

Benefits for supporters/followers

  • Free to join, earn different tokens by complete quests
  • Automatically get rewards based on triggers
  • Can follow/support and earn from multiple projects at once
  • Secured, fast, low-fee transactions
  • Use Islander platform to find more interesting projects, influencers, and content creators

Benefits for crypto project owners, influencers, and content creators:

  • Use your tokens of choice
  • Create and manage quests to naturally gamify your marketing efforts
  • Highly customizable toolkit to create and manage your own space on Islander
  • Beautiful presentation of project progression
  • Transparent transactions, robust report systems
  • No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellation
  • Minimal blockchain transaction fee
  • Full development support for APIs and SDKs

About Islander

Islander is an online learn-to-earn and a decentralized platform to manage and market your own projects in a unique way. Project owners (crypto project managers, influencers, content creators) can quickly engage their audience’s attention and nurture them in the long term by giving out interesting and interactive quests as well as tradable NFT items, which are either pre-made by the platform or customized by its users. Follow Islander on other platforms to never miss out updates from us:





An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn

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