• Revolutionizes affiliate marketing through NFT-powered solutions
  • KYC and analytics tool for Crypto Project
  • Raised 1,435,000 USDT on Seed and Private Sales
  • IDO and Listing coming on 2022


Challenges of trading in virtual goods online

Islander’s Solutions

  • Free to join, earn different tokens by complete quests
  • Automatically get rewards based on triggers
  • Can follow/support and earn from multiple projects at once
  • Secured, fast, low-fee transactions
  • Use Islander platform to find more interesting projects, influencers, and content creators
  • Use your tokens of choice
  • Create and manage quests to naturally gamify your marketing efforts
  • Highly customizable toolkit to create and manage your own space on Islander
  • Beautiful presentation of project progression
  • Transparent transactions, robust report systems
  • No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellation
  • Minimal blockchain transaction fee
  • Full development support for APIs and SDKs

About Islander



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