Islander AMA Recap (November 27th, 2021)

1. What is Islander and what are the major incentives or advantages different stakeholders can get?

Islander is an upcoming online-learn-to-earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform that:

● Revolutionizes affiliate marketing through NFT-powered solutions

● Uses an innovative way of learn-to-earn

● Backed by multiple top crypto VCs and communities

Islander introduces Islander token (ISA), a versatile currency with multiple purposes: it can help other crypto projects easily find more supporters, it can help influencers increase their income, and it can also benefit crypto adopters and content creators financially, all thanks to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Islander also provides easy-to-use and intuitive tools for implementing and managing users’ own projects. The platform will also offer full support for developers, with powerful open-source software development kits (SDKs) including wallets, plugins, customizable quests, management apps, and a payment gateway platform.

2. How Islander works and what are the use cases of Islander Token (ISA)?

Islander will allow project owners (on our platform they are Island Lords) to create quests to attract, educate and engage with their community members. These could be social tasks (Twitter, Telegram), questionnaires, or token-related tasks, which act as an additional layer to help projects attract people who care about them and will be beneficial in the long run.

On the other hand, we would also allow users to not only learn-to-earn by completing the quests set out by projects, but also share-to-earn through our NFT-powered affiliate marketing feature.

Crypto Projects and Influencers will need ISA to create their quests and affiliate campaigns respectively. Crypto Enthusiasts, i.e. followers of crypto projects, can earn ISA by supporting their favorite projects. ISA is also used to proceed with transactions, and a small proportion of the token will be gradually burned, hence increasing the rarity as long as the market demand for it.

After launch, we will push ISA onto other blockchains as well, the first one will be BSC, with Fantom, Tron, Polkadot… following. The next stage will be staking and the NFT market, boosting the liquidity of ISA while keeping the controlled amount of ISA in the market to benefit our supporters.

3. Why did you decide to create Islander?

There have always been huge obstacles: the lack of tools and the lack of know-how, that held the adoption and promotion of Blockchain projects to the new-comer Investors. Take a look at the number of crypto projects over years:

With that in mind, we seize the opportunity of using Smart Contract and Decentralized technology to:

  • Solving Crypto Project growth problems: Automate airdrops activities, efficiently attract investors and supporters
  • Affiliate marketing and automate reward distribution for Projects, Influencers/KOLs, and crypto enthusiasts

To make the adoption & promotion easier, Blockchain Projects will be able to apply many interesting game elements into the promotion of their projects, such as Game Visuals, narrations, quests, rewards, leaderboards and so much more. Our aim is not to create a game, but to make investing and marketing a game.

4. Who are our backers and partners?

We have been incubated by Spark Capital, one of the top Venture Capital for blockchain projects, and Avatar — the Avalanche Asia eco-fund. After seeing that we have the right minds, the right approach, the right solution for the problem, other VCs keep coming to us, and we think a few of these will catch your attention: Avatar, Spark, Muhabbit, Kyros, ZBS, Maven, Basics, VBC….

We also cooperated with high potential and quality projects: Currently, Islander has been cooperating with Kalao, YAY Games, Colony, SupraOracles, DareNFT, Faraland… and will continue to promote activities with other projects in the future.

Islander also partnered with communities/KOLs to not only market the project but also encourage them to set up a profile on Islander and support possible campaign tools later on. Till now, Islander has cooperated with many large businesses as Crypto Differ, Top 7 ICO, Crypto Rank, Coin68, 8868, Monster, Raccoon, Cubicmeter, PANews, TCVN, CoinF, CryptoFamily, AVStar, Cryptoiz, Moneyking, Avaxholic, Dynasty Korea,…

5. Where can I find more and up-to-date about Islander?

You can find more information about Islander on the website:

We are running the Testnet event, and will soon move to the IDO/IEO, after the Testnet and Mainnet events.

For the upcoming events, please follow us on:






6. When will you launch IDO/IEO?

As you might know before, Islander is currently holding the Testnet airdrop event to expand our community as well as help people to be familiar with our platform. Through this event, we want to educate the crowd about what is Islander, how Islander operate, and what benefit of Islander for each group of participants. Moreover, we distribute 20,000$ worth of tokens to reward participants cause we really appreciate all of your support so far. More importantly, as the main purpose of Testnet, we run the demo version for all of you guys to participate initially, then listen to your feedback, and depending on that, we will make some fixes to optimize your experience during the time you are on our platform. Then, we are planning to have many activities in the future for all of our supporters involved. We will spoil a little bit in this session that now we have a plan to offer IDO/IEO in next month. Mainnet might be launched later then. Furthermore, when everything works well, we intend to run it in multi-chain soon on BSC, Polygon…

You can also find our Product Timeline here:

Click here for the detail:

An innovative way of marketing and learn-to-earn