Islander 2022 Overview

4 min readJan 5, 2023

Dear our beloved supporters,

Lastly, we noticed some of our users were not getting enough rewards from the Quests because they could not complete all the tasks and so we introduced a Partial Reward Feature where participants in quests could earn based on the amount of tasks they were able to complete. That was pretty cool, right?


In June, we focused even more on community Education with our “How to series” on Avalanche.

We published an Article which had so much to say about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and why they are important in the Crypto Space.

Also, In June, we took our Social Media activity to the next level most importantly our Twitter. We would make tweets there and encourage our community to go interact with our Tweets telling us exactly what they wanted us to do. This proves to be effective.


In July, we made yet another big move which was announced to our community on the 24th of July.

We had noticed that the transaction fees on our quests were high, hence, those who participated in the quests would not gain as much as they would have liked because the transaction fees were reduce their total gains.

We made some adjustments and announced that further Quests hosted on Islander would have much lower transaction fees which would allow anyone who participated in it to actually get reasonable rewards for doing so.


In August, we Teased the community some more about our Staking which was highly anticipated at that point and on the 17th of August, our Staking Platform went live at

We had two members of our community Trang Xu and Toan Toan who was the head of marketing explain to the community exactly how the staking worked which they did.

The market was really bad at that point which affected us to an extent but it didn’t stop us from continuing to do what we were doing.We still launched our Staking and distributed rewards as we needed to.

In August, we also had an AMA with the CEO of Kingdom Quest where we gave rewards to our community members who participated in it.

Lastly, In August, we celebrated our Staking Launch by performing a quest worth 8 Million Islander tokens. This tokens were given as a reward to those who had supported our community and Staked on our Platform.

N/B : Total volume of ISA staked as at July was over 57 Million which is more than 10 percent of our Circulating Supply and later 84 Million.


In September, we started out by rewarding our AMA winners from the last Two AMA’s.
Some of the winners were yet to receive their rewards so we made sure that we distributed this to them.

Also, our staking was still progressive in September and we had a lot of $ISA that had been staked by September.


By October, the volume in the market had shifted so much to NFT’s primarily the Blue chips on Ethereum and Solana like Degods.
Islander in an effort to keep up with the trend as we always do teased the launch of an NFT boat collection.

This would of course perfectly sync into our project as “THE ISLANDER” and we would have attached utilities to the NFT after their mint.

The community seemed to love this idea and we had alot of positive responses where people told us they would like it if we dropped the collection. The team were unsure as to whether to launch it considering the market condition but of course it’s still something that would be revisited in the future. That was it for October.


In November of course, we had the famous FIFA World Cup Tournament which takes place once in four years . Most of us were involved in watching that and following all the games.

One of our partners BlueSea were among the Web 3 companies involved in the Worldcup and we did well to celebrate them. We were also active on Social Media during December and interacted alot with the community.

N/B: November marked another dark turn in crypto as we saw the FTX crash which took the market even further behind from what it was at.


In December, we partnered with Chad Doge which are a NFT project built on Avalanche.

Very exciting right? Stay tuned with us for more exciting news in 2023 and Happy New Year guys!!!!

Team Islander