How to use Rocket Joe on Trader Joe?

To position Islander as a learn-to-earn & affiliate marketing platform promoting crypto adoption, Islander is not only a place where retail investors can find and learn from potential projects but also provides informative news. Currently, our primary goal is to serve as a springboard for the top initiatives in the Avalanche ecosystem. So, with this “Avalanche How-to” series, we will provide you with the fundamentals of this potential ecosystem.

The next post in our “Avalanche How To’’ series is about Rocket Joe.

Rocket Joe is a Liquidity Launch Platform developed by Trader Joe. It is considered a “Defi 2.0” Launch Platform which facilitates the launch of a Token, by seeding the Liquidity Pool for that protocol. So basically, Rocket Joe is a type of ‘Launchpad’. But ultimately, the solution it provides is innovative in the current DeFi space.

And if you haven’t heard of Trader Joe yet, Trader Joe is the biggest Defi project on Avalanche with so many features, including trading, farming, staking, and launchpad.

Below we will walk you through how to use Rocket Joe.



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