Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Islander

What is Islander?

Islander is an upcoming online-learn-to-earn and decentralized affiliate marketing platform that:

What is the name of Islander Token?

The name of the token is ISA. For further information, please read our article where you can find: Token Metrics, Token Utilities and much more:

What are the use cases of Islander Token (ISA)?

Crypto Projects and Influencers will need ISA to create their quests and affiliate campaigns respectively. Crypto Enthusiasts, i.e. followers of a crypto projects, can earn ISA by supporting their favorite projects. ISA is also used to proceed transactions, and a proportion of the token will be gradually burned, hence increasing the rarity as long as the market demand of it.

What are the benefits of using Islander for content creators?

Islander is not meant exclusively for crypto projects, its model can also be applied to content publishing. We call content creators “Merchants” in Islander, and instead of giving out “bounties”, they can use cryptocurrencies (including ISA) to create NFT tickets in the form of different items (clothes, accessories, gadgets, etc.). Users are then able to buy these items to get access to exclusive content created by Merchants.

What does the end goal look like for Islander?

The endgoal in mind for us right now is to build a decentralized world facilitating knowledge transfer and accelerating mass crypto adoption.

What is the biggest difference between the Play-to-Earn model used by many other platforms and the Learn-to-Earn model developed by Islander?

The biggest difference between Play-to-Earn and Learn-to-Earn is, the former focuses on entertainment and some financial benefits coming along, while the latter emphasizes on knowledge transfer with also fiancial benefits. However, Islander’s approach to knowledge transfer is not thorugh textbooks and exams but gamification.

Where can I find more about Islander Token (ISA)?

We are at the end of our private sale of ISA, and will soon move to the IDO, after the Testnet and Mainnet events.

What are the visions and objectives of Islander in the years of 2021–2022?

The first and foremost objective that we want to achieve in 2021 is to launch our product on Avalanche ecosystem (by the begin of November). At the moment, we already onboarded some projects such as Kalao, Colony, YAY Games… They will have their own customized islands on Islanders.

Why is Islander on Avalanche? What makes Avalanche Islander’s first choice instead of other blockchains such as BSC or ETH?

Avalanche is one of the most emerging ecosystems in the industry. They have an awful lot of innovative and exciting projects, built by experts from many fields. Islander is funded by AVATAR (Avalanche Asian Fund) and the project has have been receiving tremendous supports from the team, both financially and operationally. One of the most important aspects for this cooperation is, our goals of a sustainable affeliate marketing align. We also share the same vision of a platform that can support and promote other projects within the ecosystem.

Will there be an IDO/ When will IDO be?/ Will you have IDO?/ etc.

We are certain that we will go public by the end of this year. For the upcoming updates on this matter, please follow us on:



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